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32 Things I’ve Learned – Part 2 of 4

Gandhi’s Top 10 Fundamentals For Changing The World
Source: Casper Odendaal, Author of Random Acts of Kindness

Continuing from the previous list of 32 things I’ve learned while being aware of my state of mind, here is the second instalment:

  1. I’ve learned that people are more than willing to lend a helping hand if you ask for it. Our ego prevents us from building trusting relationships with one another. But in reality, it is our mind’s ignorance that makes us believe that asking for help or advice belittles our capability.
  2. I’ve learned to cherish every little act of kindness that someone shows towards me. It’s unfortunate that our circumstances dictate how kind we are to others. Random acts of kindness are a rare commodity. And I find recognizing those that show kindness inspires them to do more of it making everyone’s world a better place.
  3. I’ve learned to be considerate. People closest to you hurt you the most. But it’s helpful to contemplate: do they really mean to hurt you? Maybe they’re embarrassed to share exactly what they’re feeling.
  4. I’ve also learned to forgive. Once you’ve realized someone’s situation, no matter how hurt you are, forgiveness will come naturally to you. After all, somebody needs to be the wise one. Why not you?
  5. I’ve learned that modern-day stress is caused by oneself. Contrary to the common belief that an external circumstance causes us to stress (e.g. traffic, a looming deadline, debt, etc.), in reality stress is our defense mechanism when things don’t go as planned.
  6. I’ve learned to question my stressful state of mind. If there is something that can be done about a stressful situation then there is no point worrying about it, right? Conversely, if you cannot do anything to remedy the stressful situation, then there is no point either. So, change your perspective towards the situation and accept it to become stress-free.
  7. I’ve learned not to take family for granted. DOH! Mom always comes to my rescue, God bless her. Sense of entitlement, much? Most definitely. How often do you take the time to actually appreciate your family and everything that they do? Sure, you appreciate your family in your heart, but it’s about time you communicated your appreciation to them.
  8. I’ve learned to take the time to reach out to those you haven’t been in touch with. On a business trip to Ottawa, I promised myself to get in touch with a friend. After presenting a training session for 5 long hours, the idea of making a phone call seemed like a big deal. Luckily a friend’s blog post on Using Little Chunks of Time was stuck in my sub-conscious. I made the call during the cab ride en route to the airport and we were both delighted to get in touch.

Checking in with your mind as frequently as you can remember connects you with the world and with everyone you interact with in ways that you would have never imagined. My experiences are not unique. But how you let these experiences influence your state of mind and inspire you makes all the difference.

How does your world inspire you? Inspire me and many others by writing in. 🙂


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  1. This post is brilliantly wise! I just simply love it! Thank you for sharing


    • Thanks for stopping by Debbie! Your blog/cause is quite inspiring too. I have a friend that works at a Rape Crisis Centre with victims of bullying and sexual abuse. I know she’d love your site.


      • Perfect 🙂 I’m looking for crisis centers in different states to donate the magnet proceeds. I would love to hear from your friend. Your blog put me in the best mood yesterday! I am excited to hear more from you


  2. Identifying stress as a controlled self regulated response mechanism is a very worthwhile perspective. This should help in minimizing the pervasive negative stimulus that so often impedes growth and change. A very good posting and always a pleasure to learn from.


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