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Originally from India, I was born and raised in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. I completed my schooling and undergrad in Bachelors in Business Administration (Hons. in Marketing) in Dubai. I currently live in Toronto, Canada but, as a result of certain personal circumstances, I’ve lived in various Indian cities – Mumbai, Pune and Delhi . I immigrated to Toronto in 2003 to pursue my MBA from the Joseph L. Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto and specialized in Investment Management and Financial Engineering. My first break in the world of Canadian investments was at Morningstar Canada as a Fund Analyst.

I was brought up with the traditional Hindu belief that the Earth is our ‘Primordial Mother’. Therefore, one needs to respect and care for Her as you would care for and respect your own mother. I never really formed my life’s principles around that belief. But lately, I’ve had a change of heart, again due to personal circumstances.

I had a short-term stint working for an ultra-high-net-worth investment counselling firm smack in the middle of the economic downturn. While it was painful to watch these ultra-rich clients lose significant amounts of money to the violently volatile capital markets, it was particularly disheartening to read about how retired senior citizens were starting to look for jobs as they had lost a major portion of their retirement money. I quickly realized that I was in conflict with myself; I didn’t feel the attachment to my clients because I wanted my life to be more meaningful than just helping the already-rich get richer. Granted, some of my clients were trusts and foundations as well. But it still wasn’t as meaningful as I’d liked it to be.

I began searching for ways to extend myself and my skill set for a greater good. During my time as a Senior Policy Advisor with the provincial government – the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation – I learnt about numerous companies that were involved in innovative initiatives to make Ontario greener, more efficient and less wasteful. And it was the passion with which these innovative thinkers were trudging along, that inspired me to pay closer attention to the effect my day-to-day decisions have on the environment.

I started this blog to share my inspirations and experiences as I continue my journey to being a responsible “earthling”. In my mind, it is only fair that we care for our environment unconditionally just like it has and continues to take care of us.

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