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Walnuts n Pears by Kate ~ living today for tomorrow’s generation.

Growing Up in the Garden by Jessica Yarger ~ why I put seeds in the soil.

One Lifetime by Ray Barbier ~ listen to the heart God blessed you with and not the mind the world helped program.

Green Home Blog  ~ the environmental store and a comprehensive online resource for greening your home, event or business.

EcoCltr ~ for the good of the globe.

Eddy’s Garden by Matt and Leah ~ dedicated to learning about sustainable green living and nutrition. 

The Clean Bin Project Blog by Jen, Grant and Rhyannon ~ the zero waste, consumer free year.

Green Freak by Quinton ~ Think Green – Think Tomorrow – Start NOW.

ECOCRED by a professional tree-hugger ~ gaining ecocred (read “ecological credibility”) without becoming an eco-douche

MeInventing’s Blog by Debbie ~ celebrating the mindset of every day heroes

Sustainability for the Common Good by the students of Oregon State University ~ the stories of Oregon State University students, each making a promise to live a little more sustainably for four weeks.

Little Green Seed by a graduate architect fascinated by Bio-mimicry ~ exploring architectural bio-mimicry and seeding eco-intelligence in every day life.

One in a Billion by Schalk Cloete ~ a DIY guide to saving our world while building a happy, healthy and wealthy life.

Health Demystified by Eric Wang ~ demystifying the Secrets to Long-Term Health, Fitness and Success.

Blogs by Friends that Inspire:

Piccolo Limone by Ericka Little ~ sharing delicious food.

Women Tell All by women ~ the good|the bad|the ugly; We Bare all.

In Life & In Fashion by Kena Paranjape ~ creating a life you love with style, grace and fiery spirit

Suzana Pinto by Suzana Pinto ~ a music and digital images & photography blog.

Much ado about nothing by Pooja Shah Desai ~ a blog about general musings in Pooja’s life

ADWebSpark by Jagruti Ghaghda ~ views and news on SEO, SEM, Social Media, Digital PR, email marketing and link building

The World As I See It by Helsa Chow ~ in photos, as in life, sometimes being out of focus is O.K. 


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