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Suncor – A Sustainable Company??

Last week, I shared Corporate Knights‘ list of “100 Most Sustainable Corporations In the World” with my followers on Twitter and Facebook – with the intention that this could be a good list to consider for sustainable companies to invest in. A friend and follower commented on the post questioning the validity of the list that featured Suncor as the top Canadian company (ranked #48). He also cited the Environmental Record on Suncor’s Wiki page – according to the Pollution Watch fact sheet, in 2005 Suncor’s oil sands activities had the sixth highest greenhouse gas emissions in Canada.

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The Business Case For Sustainable Investing

Sustainable Investing – “Another Fad… Another Investment Trend… Another Marketing Ploy by the capital market moguls” you may say. After almost three decades of debate about the pros and cons of “Socially Responsible Investing”, it is only fair for an investor to question the intent of this new phenomenon. I questioned it.

But the recent economic downturn coupled with numerous environmental catastrophes and social/governance troubles over the past decade has changed the dynamics of the global economy substantially, therefore, making a case for an investment discipline. Investors have had their hands burnt chasing short-term returns and are now looking to invest in forward-thinking companies with sustainable business models.

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What Sustainable Investing (and this blog) is NOT..

Considering this my first post, it is only fair to talk about what the deal is with my blog. But I figured I should lay out the field by identifying what Sustainable Investing, in my opinion, is NOT and what one should not expect from this blog. Sustainable Investing can mean different things to different people depending on an investor’s background, value systems and philanthropic priorities. My objective is to pose some tough questions to help you figure out if this investment discipline is for you and if it is how can you shape your investment decision around what YOU value most in an efficient manner.

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