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32 Things I’ve Learned – Part 4 of 4

Life has snuck up on me again preventing me from paying attention to the quality of my mind. It is a constant struggle to wean ourselves off of the habits that we’ve cultivated. In any case, I’m here now reminiscing the next eight lessons I’ve learned during the two-month long hiatus.

  1. I’ve learned that women have superpowers: Four kids, a business partner, no dishwasher, a part-time business and no help – these are only some of the characteristics that describe a good friend of mine. How she manages it all without losing her sanity and with a smile is beyond me. She says she just takes life as it comes; fighting it doesn’t help but standing tall amid adversities does. That’s a superpower, isn’t it? Read the rest of this entry

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

In July 2012 I Recalibrated my blog to extend the focus of this blog from just “Sustainable Investing & Living” to one that allows me to inspire positive transformation. And while I try to inspire my readers, I have been tremendously inspired by fellow bloggers. And just a few days ago I was delighted to be nominated for a “Very Inspiring Blogger Award” by Schalk Cloete, the author of “One in a Billion” blog. Thank you Schalk!

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7 Steps to Simplify Cooking For Busy Lives

I love to cook! But there are days when I just can’t bring myself to cook after a long day of work. I’m also not a big fan of cooking a whole bunch of stuff over the weekend, freezing it and eating it over the week. My parents will attest that I will do anything to escape eating leftovers from the previous night :P. So I have no choice but to come up with simple ways to cook meals in under 45 mins with as few ingredients as possible.

I used to complicate my cooking by spending hours pre-planning a weekly menu over the weekend, making elaborate dinners that took hours, following complicated recipes. I realize that most believe  “planning ahead” is a key factor in ensuring stress-free cooking. However, I respectfully disagree – you plan ahead for an important meeting, a wedding, an event, an exam, all of which are known to add stress.

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Through my journey towards “sustainable living”, I’ve made some significant and noticeable changes to my lifestyle. In the process, I’ve also unwittingly made some subtle changes in my attitude towards the world around me that has inspired me to live well, mindfully and harmoniously. As I became more mindful about my decisions and choices around the materialistic aspect of my lifestyle, I realized that the same mindfulness can be extended to my relationship with the world around me. I’d like to think of it as a “RECALIBRATION” of my mind.

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Declutter, Donate and Feel Good

So I took a long (no, a really long) break from blogging. No good reason – just life getting in the way, relationships, family, complacency – the usual. But the big news is that I’ve spent the last couple of months decluttering my life and home in preparation for my third move in three years. (You know you move too much, when your mover remembers exactly who you are :P) And today I feel good about having fewer things for a simpler life and about the acts of charity. Here are some of my personal experiences and simple steps one can take to declutter one’s life and/or home while helping those in need.

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Give Back This Holiday Season – Part 1

As we put pen to paper to make a list of material objects for family and friends, we’re already stressed out.  Stressed about the idea of finding the “perfect gift”, joining the stampede at shopping malls, and worst of all, the credit card bill as a Holiday Gift to ourselves. One can easily decide to give and receive nothing. But that’s no fun either. So instead of letting the materialistic aspects of the Holiday overshadow its true meaning, why not gift an experience of giving? Why not gift a feeling of belongingness and connectedness? There is nothing more “perfect” than feeling proud of our generosity towards those who are less fortunate.

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5 Ways You Can Host A Sustainable Party

I’ve been hosting the annual Hinduja Diwali (Hindu New Year) Party with family and close friends for years now, albeit there was a dry 2-year period due to personal circumstances. This year I decided to revive it, but in a less wasteful way. Now mind you, I am a rookie at living a sustainable lifestyle so I wasn’t particularly successful at throwing a 100% eco-friendly party, primarily because I didn’t think of alternatives till two days prior to the party. But I came up with these 5 easy ways to host a sustainable party that I believe anyone can easily follow without breaking the bank.

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