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7 Steps to Simplify Cooking For Busy Lives

I love to cook! But there are days when I just can’t bring myself to cook after a long day of work. I’m also not a big fan of cooking a whole bunch of stuff over the weekend, freezing it and eating it over the week. My parents will attest that I will do anything to escape eating leftovers from the previous night :P. So I have no choice but to come up with simple ways to cook meals in under 45 mins with as few ingredients as possible.

I used to complicate my cooking by spending hours pre-planning a weekly menu over the weekend, making elaborate dinners that took hours, following complicated recipes. I realize that most believe  “planning ahead” is a key factor in ensuring stress-free cooking. However, I respectfully disagree – you plan ahead for an important meeting, a wedding, an event, an exam, all of which are known to add stress.

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