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Through my journey towards “sustainable living”, I’ve made some significant and noticeable changes to my lifestyle. In the process, I’ve also unwittingly made some subtle changes in my attitude towards the world around me that has inspired me to live well, mindfully and harmoniously. As I became more mindful about my decisions and choices around the materialistic aspect of my lifestyle, I realized that the same mindfulness can be extended to my relationship with the world around me. I’d like to think of it as a “RECALIBRATION” of my mind.

So what does this “recalibration of my mind” mean for this blog? It means it is time to extend the focus of this blog from just “Sustainable Investing & Living” to one that allows me to inspire positive transformation. I want to write about everything that inspires me to pursue a simplistic, sustainable and mindful lifestyle while enjoying fulfilling relationships. These could be strangers I share my commute with, animals (and critters) I share my space with, people I interact with, food I eat or cook.  In my recalibrated mind I’ve extended the definition of “sustainable living” to include being mindful of the consequences of our actions on the world around us and not just about pursuing an environmentally-friendly lifestyle to reduce our impact on the environment.

When I first launched this blog in the fall of 2010, my objective was (and still is) to share my experiences, research and insight through my journey towards leading a more sustainable lifestyle from an ecological and environmental perspective. I also wanted to include a “sustainable investing” angle, which I admit I haven’t been able to keep up. My personal financial goals are currently focused on saving to become debt-free versus saving to invest towards financial freedom. Admittedly, I haven’t been true to the “Sustainable Investing” portion of my blog title. This constant nagging in the back of my mind has been preventing me from writing what I would really love to share.

Over the next little while, I will be adjusting  my website to align it with this Recalibration. So please bear with me as I go through this process and as always your comments and feedback will be hugely helpful. 🙂


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  1. I admire your conscious decision to pursue a simplistic, sustainable and mindful lifestyle while enjoying fulfilling relationships.

    I think one reason why there is such a lack of political and economic parity is the result of materialistic decisions which have become intertwined with a consumer based identity that is fed by advertising and media.

    Recognizing that no human is infallible, the world would be much better if more people made such a commitment. A careful consideration of behaviour towards other humans and towards the broader environment could foster an improved quality of life.


    • Thanks for the encouraging words Dave. I agree that a consumer-based identity is the crux of most global issues faced by man today. I find that while most people would agree that “careful consideration of behaviour” is what the world needs, they often get discouraged by the nagging alter-ego that says “what can one person do to change the world?”. It’s just a matter of getting inspired to believe that every little change helps. I’ve been inspired over the last little while and hope to share some inspiration through this blog.


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