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Be Thankful For Everything

P.S. Apologies for such delay in writing my Mindful Monday post this week. It’s been socially hectic these past few days – celebrated a few birthdays in the family, fasted for a day, spent time with family.  And I am thankful that I have such wonderful people in my life. 

My Mindful Monday resolution for the past week was to “Be Thankful for Everything” and living in gratitude.

As toddlers, one of the first few lessons we were taught when we first learned to speak was to say the two words “Please” and “Thank you”. And sure, we grew up to be well-mannered adults saying those two words every time we requested for something. Even though we might have a sense of entitlement that we should receive what we ask for and when we ask for it (so why bother with those two words, really?) we say those two words almost out of habit. But are we really thankful from our hearts? Do we actually recognize the effort that has gone into meeting our request? And finally the most important questions, do we actually stop and be grateful for the things we have or receive without evening requesting for it?

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Think Less, Feel More


My Mindful Monday resolution for last week was to “Get Out of My Head and Get Into My Heart” i.e. to think less and feel more. (Check out my Mindful Monday Chalkboard for my Mindful Monday journey.)

In this ‘Information Age’ we are faced with a barrage of information. We know, and are expected to know, too much that ignoring this overwhelming flow of information seems extremely challenging, if not impossible. So what do we do? We give in to our distractions –  the news, social media distractions, the fears, the rat race. We keep our minds so busy with things we cannot do anything about that we ignore ourselves, our heart and the beings in our immediate environment.

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Mindful Mondays

Most of us begin our Monday mornings taking inventory of the tasks, action items and to-do’s for the upcoming week. There’s a reason why it’s termed as a ‘Manic Monday‘ – we try to catch up to all the things we have to accomplish in the week even before it has begun.

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Through my journey towards “sustainable living”, I’ve made some significant and noticeable changes to my lifestyle. In the process, I’ve also unwittingly made some subtle changes in my attitude towards the world around me that has inspired me to live well, mindfully and harmoniously. As I became more mindful about my decisions and choices around the materialistic aspect of my lifestyle, I realized that the same mindfulness can be extended to my relationship with the world around me. I’d like to think of it as a “RECALIBRATION” of my mind.

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